What is stopping you?

Is there something that stops you from really reaching for your dream in tech? Fear of judgment? Failure? Risk? It is all related to how much we care about what others think, right?⁣⁣
I know, it’s so easy to say or write “I don’t care what others think” but so difficult to really put into practice if we don’t work hard to unlearn those negative habits that are holding us back.⁣
We are always seeking approval and if you really look back to where those fears started, they all started when we were children, so as mothers we have a HUGE responsibility to stop this for our kids. ⁣
First working on ourselves, because with our words and examples we are passing or reinforcing those beliefs onto our children. ⁣
Mama, it will take time, years but if we don’t start today and work on that every single day, it will take a whole lifetime, we will be living this world without being who we are meant to be. ⁣
Are you ready to start your journey in tech?

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