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Let's Take the Leap

Let's Take the Leap

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Coding, Cloud, AI?

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Meet Mums In Tech

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“It's simple! Diversity! I am in tech for the opportunity to be part of the change, to shape the future. I want those apps, those websites, those services be created by people who represent those who use them.” - Margarita Alamo de Parkin

Why Tech?

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About Mum in Tech

Mum in Tech was created by Margarita Alamo de Parkin to help mums to take the leap and don’t be scared to build their dream tech career! Being a mum and a career changer into Tech is not the easiest path, it can be so overwhelming but yet so rewarding. Margarita wants to share with you, mama, all she has learnt as well as sharing other mums experiences in the IT sector to make your journey easier and enjoyable!

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